Six flags season pass coupon book new england

Six flags season pass coupon book new england

Roller Coasters! I then used that ticket to get into the park and went straight to Guest Relations with my receipt. Total price: Because you can buy up to 6 tickets with your coupon, you can use this to get cheap passes for 5 of your friends as well. Another nice perk is that there were no lines at all to get the pass processed I've seen 1 hour lines in the spring , so 5 minutes later I had my pass, my free spring break friend ticket, and a voucher to pick up my new coupon book in Hah, that's a smart idea.

Six Flags Coupons, Promo Codes and Deals

We live about thirty minutes from Six Flags New England and have visited several times but last December, I finally took the plunge and bought season tickets for the season. I bought a four-pack of tickets, one for myself and for my three youngest children, ages seventeen, thirteen, and thirteen. The four-pack also came with free parking for the season. Overall, I'm glad we did but there were some distinct advantages and disadvantages.

We made six trips as a group and my eldest son made two more visits with his friends. An extremely good value especially with the free parking. The fireworks lasted for approximately 45 minutes and went far higher in the sky than they look in the photograph, as they were set off from the lower end of the park. Fright Fest offered some truly scary setups for Halloween that even scared my cynical zombie-loving sons.

Each season ticket came with one free daily admission ticket, so my husband and eldest daughter were able to accompany us twice. The tickets also came with coupons books for food and, additionally, a season pass was good for a special discount on any gift shop items. There were also special ride times for some of the larger coasters, including the new Goliath. Roller coasters, particularly Goliath and Bizarro. For our family, it tends to be all about the coasters. Bizarro remains the longest and coolest ride I've ever had on a coaster.

It's a free fall forward for twenty stories, some brain twisting turns, and then another free fall from the same height backwards. For me, it slightly crossed the line into scary rather than fun, especially the part where passengers are vertical to the ground, staring direction down from that height. The boys, 17 and 13, however, loved it and rode it twice in a row. Maybe I'm just getting old. But this is a coaster that must be ridden at least once. Hurricane Harbor.

With season tickets, we could devote a visit to just the water park, instead of rushing to split the day. This made the water park a great break on a hot summer day instead of something to squeeze in before the rides. One of my children is autistic, so lines are a serious issue when we visit amusement parks. However, Six Flags guest relations will provide wristbands that allow kids like him to skip the lines, even on popular coasters like Goliath.

And it's good for up to three other riders with the child. Selection is also limited, as only one location seemed to even try for something healthy like a salad. That's good for free refills for that day plus. The way the system works, season passes can be pre-purchased online or by phone but the final step is processing them at the park. Each person must have their photo taken and, if there's a parking pass, that has to be processed and included on the season pass too.

The park wasn't equipped to deal with the number of season ticket holders who need to be processed for the first several weeks the park was open. Those in charge may have even made it worse by shuffling people around, as we were standing in line near the front entrance offices to get our tickets processed but then were directed to shorter lines elsewhere in the park down at the Hall of Justice. That was a good ten minute walk and the lines there were just as long.

It not only made my kids cranky, I became very frustrated after it took over ninety minutes. These lines continued the entire day were we at the park and I noticed them even on the next visit in the early summer. Even buying season tickets the last day the park was open, in October, wouldn't help. I noticed long lines again at the front entrance office during Fright Fest too with people trying to process those tickets before the park closed for the winter.

The only way to avoid the huge and busy lines on the big coasters is to purchase a Flash Pass. That's another additional cost. There are ways to mitigate the waiting, such as showing up at opening and hitting the coasters first. Hurricane Harbor is also less busy at their opening time. But not on Goliath. That was packed all summer long. The Disney parks are designed not just to push visitors towards rides and food but to create the illusion of visiting an entirely separate world. That doesn't happen at Six Flags.

It's basically like a big carnival except for a few, not very good, attempts to create theme areas such as the one for superheroes with Bizarro based on Superman , the Hall of Justice with costumed heroes, and the Looney Tunes Movie Town. These are mainly decorations and never rise to more than interesting stuff in the background.

One exception: That was very well done. For us, obviously, the pros outweighed the cons. I'm considering buying the same number of passes next year, especially as we celebrated the twins' birthday at Six Flags this summer and it was a big hit with them and their friends. Those towers are part of the new Goliath roller coaster.

Photograph by Corrina Lawson. The park admission price is a good value. Inside the Hall of Justice. View Comments. Sponsored Content Powered By Outbrain. Peter Rubin Exclusive: Make People Pay—Quadratically Sponsored. More Stories. Gregory Barber Gregory Barber. Eric Niiler Eric Niiler. Arielle Pardes Arielle Pardes. Aarian Marshall Aarian Marshall. Issie Lapowsky Issie Lapowsky. Phone War. Klint Finley Klint Finley. Tim Cook Said No.

10 Ways to Get a Six Flags Ticket Discount

My family and I went for opening day of the season. Having lived in NJ my whole life and going If you are handcap, go to guest relation for your special pass. But, you will wait as long everyone else in line.

Spending the day at a Six Flags amusements park may be filled with thrills and fun, but the price of a ticket can be a downer, especially for families.

When you buy a season pass at six flags new england, they give you a coupon book filled with coupons for their food, games and other things. When you actually try to use those coupons, they have an excuse why you cant. When my son tried to use it, he was told he couldn't because it was for a family meal. Being 11, he bought the food anyway without inquiring why.

Six Flags Promo Codes & Coupon Codes

Every year, Six Flags provides its season pass holders with a small booklet full of coupons that could be ripped out and redeemed throughout the year. Most of the coupons are only good on certain days, especially the free friend admission, but they are still very popular. For , the park has completely gotten rid of the coupon books, but thanks to technology the coupons will live on. Starting this year, the coupons are now electronic and will be called eCoupons. If you stop by Guest Relations, you can get a foldable cheat sheet that shows what all of the eCoupons are for It looks like this:.

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Six Flags Coupons & Promo Codes: 23 Ways to Get Discounts on Park Rides (2018)

For in-store availability, see product specifications. Ticket Disclaimer. Click below to begin shopping now. A new window will open linking you to our partner ticket store, where you will find all available tickets for this attraction. You may also visit a AAA Store for additional discounts on select tickets. Shop Now. Six Flags New England. Contact a Store for availability. Discounts are not available through the Ticket Monster mobile app.

Six Flags Coupons & Promo Codes

By Kim Knox Beckius. Looking for a Six Flags New England coupon or discount offer to help you save money on admission to New England's premier amusement park? Can't blame you! Here are eight ways to make your day at the park more affordable, from printing your discounted tickets before you go to taking advantage of Six Flags New England coupons and special offers from organizations, merchants and even a campground. Purchase discounted Six Flags New England tickets online from the comfort of your home at any time, then simply present your printed, pre-paid ticket and photo ID at the theme park ticket gate.

How to get Six Flags Magic Mountain discount tickets and special offers

I cannot believe all of the negative comments on this site about Six Flags New England. People today simply have no patience, and they are selfish. Myself and my three children had an amazing experience at Six Flags New England, on a busy week day It was a Saturday, since me and my husband can't take weekdays off. We waited in line for Me and my husband don't really like roller coasters so this trip was just for our 3 year old thrill seeker. We are from NJ and since we were visiting friends in MA

What discounts are available for Six Flags Magic Mountain? Coupons, print-at-home discounts How much do Six Flags Magic Mountain tickets cost if you purchase them at the park's ticket booths? You may notice that this is a leap over last year's prices. And who knows, there may even be an extra price increase during the year if the park's business is brisk. But don't worrywith a bit of advance-planning, you can slash those prices to a more reasonable level. Here's a list of ways you can save money if you do a bit of thinking ahead: Print at Home discounts: The Magic Mountain print-at-home discount currently lets you buy tickets at a substantial discount. It's unbelievable how much money you can save simply by printing your ticket at home before you leave for the theme park!

We live about thirty minutes from Six Flags New England and have visited several times but last December, I finally took the plunge and bought season tickets for the season. I bought a four-pack of tickets, one for myself and for my three youngest children, ages seventeen, thirteen, and thirteen.

My child on an average goes to Six Flags times per week in the summer and I saw the dining pass. I looked into it and it is a great deal! My child has used the dining pass 2 days already, both lunch and dinner on each day and I know it will be paid for the next time she goes which will probably be this weekend. This is a great money saver and now I can actually give my daughter some money for games and merchandise and not have to worry she will spend all the money and have none left for food. I think everyone who has kids and goes all summer should get this pass. No more cooler packed trips for us! It was pretty slow and lines were short for most rides, and it was a blast! The park was looking clean and friendly staff. I am dissapointed about the continous removal of rides almost every year. This year we lost Catapult, which was near Cyclone. The park is really fun, but there is not enough thrill rides, as they keep removing them!

Never miss a great Six Flags coupon and get our best coupons every week! Six Flags coupon codes and sales, just follow this link to the website to browse their current offerings. And while you're there, sign up for emails to get alerts about discounts and more, right in your inbox. Sneaky shoppers every where will envy this find! Find discounts on groups of 20 or more at Six Flags. See what's new for Six Flags in Did you know that Groupon has a way for you to travel the world for less?

Six Flags delivers hours of amusement park fun for the whole family. With tons of rides and attractions , a trip to Six Flags offers thrills and excitement for all ages. Enjoy roller coaster rides, delicious food and live entertainment at one of the park's 16 locations throughout the United States. The company offers lots of ways to save on park admission and entertainment , including Six Flags coupon codes for you to use and score discounted admission and great deals on season passes. You can also find plenty of discounts for groups and giveaway opportunities. Subscribe to the email list to receive discount offers and Six Flags promo codes. It'll let you know about offers for reduced-price admission and notify you when new rides open. As an email list member, you'll have the opportunity to enter fun giveaways for things like free tickets. If you plan to visit the amusement park with a group between 15 and 74 people, you can get deep discounts on admission when you buy through the group purchase program. Schools, youth groups and even families can all take advantage of this Six Flags deal.

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