Safeway airmiles deals this week

Safeway airmiles deals this week

I'm a something, fun-lovin' gal who owns a cat with a moustache, a child with an attitude and a husband with patience. Here, you will find a combination of: The kind that make you fatter and the kind that make you thinner. Find my occasional news writings here. But I'm not there anymore. RSS Feed.

BC Air Miles Collectors~Wonderful Safeway AM deals this week!

I'm a something, fun-lovin' gal who owns a cat with a moustache, a child with an attitude and a husband with patience. Here, you will find a combination of: The kind that make you fatter and the kind that make you thinner. Find my occasional news writings here. But I'm not there anymore. RSS Feed. When I recently told a friend I had collected more than 10, Air Miles in the past year, she was flabbergasted.

But then my mother started collecting in a serious way, and was able to fly around the country pretty much whenever she wanted. I was the recipient of some of those Air Miles, and being able to fly to BC to visit my parents was pretty awesome. Much like those who extreme coupon, I extreme Air Mile - when it makes sense to do so - and the result is I should have enough Air Miles to take myself, my husband and my daughter to DisneyWorld next year without paying a dime, all in. Here's how I do it: Safeway Safeway and now Sobeys has far and away the best Air Miles deals on a weekly basis.

Safeway is pricey, and their prices have gone up even further since Sobeys took over. While I wait for a Save-On-Foods to open near my Safeway to hopefully bring prices down, the good thing is that the products that have bonus Air Miles also tend to be on sale. So, weekly, I head to Safeway, stock up on things I need that are on sale and have bonus Air Miles , make sure I have enough to use one of the bonus coupons I almost always do then head elsewhere usually Superstore or Price Choppers to round out my grocery needs for the week.

Best bonus Air Miles deals at Safeway: Toilet paper and cereal. Please note: This does not work if you buy things that you don't need, or buy things that aren't on sale. You might as well save your money for your trip instead. Know your prices. I've never thought it was a good idea to pay for a credit card, but the number of Air Miles I earn with this card is triple what I earned with my free card.

I went from earning about Air Miles a month with the old card to earning Air Miles a month with this card, and the travel insurance on the card actually ended up paying for itself when a family flight to Mexico a few years ago was delayed overnight. Even with paying, I'll have earned about 9, more Air Miles over the past three years than I would have with the old card. That many Air Miles will pay for about one person's Disney trip!

Plus, being a super deluxe fancy card carrier means all flights are 25 per cent fewer Air Miles than with the regular card. Even better. All the bills I can put on my card, I do. Everything from tea at Starbucks to shopping trips to Costco go on my card now that Costco accepts Mastercard! I still budget, people, and paying interest to earn Air Miles is not worth it. If you cannot pay off your card, do NOT do what I do. While this generally doesn't net you a lot of Air Miles, it all adds up. You simply go to Airmilesshops.

I did 95 per cent of my holiday shopping online last year, and anticipate doing so again this year. I probably earned around Air Miles last year doing this, and all I did was go to the website first. Works for me. Again, it all adds up. Gift Cards, coupons and other stores On the Air Miles Reward Miles website, they do sell a number of gift cards and allow you to earn Air Miles on those cards. While most of them I'm not interested in, I am a big fan of Kernel's Popcorn and they do sell those gift cards.

So I periodically stock up to earn a few extra miles. I don't shop at those stores very often, but if I need school supplies or home improvement do-dads, I will generally head to the store with Air Miles. Rexall Pharma Plus is another store that occasionally offers bonus Air Miles, every few months or so, in their flyer. That's when I go and stock up on meds like painkillers and kids cough medicine.

If I need them. I use them, again, when it makes sense. They're generally grocery-based and generally groceries I have purchased before. I'm a member of this Co-Op and I get a cheque every year for the profits from the gas I buy. As my car is a gas-sipper, it's not worth it for me to fill up at Shell, which would only give me one or two Air Miles each fill up, compared to the cheque I get yearly. If you have a gas guzzler, or don't have a similar gas chain, it might be worth it for you to fill up at Shell, but it isn't for me.

I also don't redeem my Air Miles for anything but travel. A couple of studies have shown that the best deals for miles are actual miles. Hope that helps you collect more miles! Author I'm a something, fun-lovin' gal who owns a cat with a moustache, a child with an attitude and a husband with patience. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Get Started.

The Lowdown on Bonus Air Miles

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April 17, , Calgary, Alberta - Grocery retailer Canada Safeway this week launched an online travel service loaded with great savings and deals exclusively for its millions of free-to-join Safeway Club Card members.

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Earn Miles

There had to be more to Air Miles than just showing my card at Shell gas stations and Metro grocery stores and getting a few points when I purchased groceries. After a little research, I found that there sure was. The rewards themselves include travel, gifts and cash rewards. The Air Miles loyalty debit card is free and can be used at participating retailers—such as Metro, Sobeys and Rexall pharmacies to earn Miles. But you can compound your Air Miles earning power by also getting an Air Miles credit card.

How to Accumulate Serious Air Mile Points

All Senior Deals: Discounts for Senior Citizens - Safeway There is nothing worse than taking time planning grocery list going thru ads and app coupons only to get. For printable coupons only, enter link to printable pdf or image of coupon. But CAN be combined with manufacturer coupons. Print coupons online for Target in-store purchases to save on everything from groceries and essentials to. Latest Safeway weekly ads, Safeway circular, specials and sales flyer. Your location helps us to provide you with current weekly ads. Your Name:

Blue Friday Airmiles deals for Safeway and Sobeys

Use my current location. How you reward yourself is up to you. Offer excludes taxes, deposits, environmental charges, and any other goods or services which are non discountable or excluded by law. Visit airmiles. Purchases are required to accumulate reward miles. You must inform the Sponsor that you want to redeem reward miles and present your Collector Card at time of purchase.

Earn Miles

The retailer accepts coupons only issued by […]. This grocery retailer is best known among others for the Deli department service that produces fresh sandwiches on site every day. The retailer also bakes goods in-store and features well-stocked […]. View Safeway Flyer. Browse the Safeway weekly flyer, online shopping specials, latest deals, sales and offers. View all the specials at Safeway for this week. Initially a subsidiary of the American-based supermarket chain, Safeway Canada now operates independently from the American company, having been sold in to Sobeys.

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Safeway has various aisles that can be choices for you to shop for. At the stores of this retailer you can shop for pharmacy and general groceries like fresh food, organic products, bakery, deli, seafood, meat, package products and occasional sales like Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving and mothers day and fathers day. Original recipes are excellent and you can reach enlarged product range in every week. Chinese new year deals available in this flyer. If you are looking for something special, welcome to Safeway. Here is my favorite flyer Safeway. I always going to Safeway for the best prices. Happy Chinese new year deals are making me happy. Even I am not Chinese.

Starting March Air Miles collectors can instantly redeem the reward miles in their Air Miles Cash balance towards purchases at participating sponsors.

Your Guide to Air Miles Rewards

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Earning Air Miles at Safeway is the single biggest and best way to earn a lot of miles while spending a relatively small amount of money on stuff that you need to buy anyway. However, I have read many reports of the countless miles they give away for almost nothing which makes me extremely jealous. People can earn the number of Air Miles I have collected in my entire lifetime with only a few focused shopping trips to Safeway to take advantage of their promotions. I will do my best to give you the important details and will continue updating this page as I receive more credible information from those Air Mile collectors who are regular Safeway shoppers. To optimally take advantage of the numerous Safeway Air Miles promotions you will need to tap into various online and offline resources to make sure you are always in the know. These are the best resources I am currently aware of. The Safeway weekly flyer is your number one resource for the current promotions, specials, and bonus offers that are currently available at your local Safeway. You should get the latest paper copy of the flyer in your weekly mail or you can access their online flyer as well.

If you've purchased something before seeing this coupon it would definitely be worth bringing in your receipt and this coupon to try and get your 50 air miles. Download the PDF coupon here. Here are the weeks best air miles deals at safeway stores. Definitely a couple of deals worth popping into the store. Recently it was announced that that College of Pharmacists of British Columbia will be considering a by-law change that would stop allowing people to collect loyalty points Air Miles on prescriptions. As it is right now when you fill out a prescription you're allowed to collect points on anything that isn't covered by the government. This is really unfortunate for us points collectors and to help our cause a website has been created to help share a voice. Right now through July 31st, you can earn Double the air miles reward miles! I must admit the promotions wording is rather tricky and a bit misleading so I wasn't going to post this but it's still worth knowing about if you stay at these hotels frequently. The wording states "On every qualifying stay, starting on your second stay. Then you'll earn Air Miles on all your nights. Valid email address is required for registration. Click here to register and promotion details.

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