Mixed media freebies

Mixed media freebies

Today I have a little tutorial for your for a very sweet gift idea. So I just thought I had to share. As you can see in the photo above I made a little tealight Advent calendar with this idea and mailed it out. But you can also easily create candles with your wishes for a new year for New Years Eve or candles with secret messages, wishes or even gifts for birthdays or just because … I love that the tealights look like ordinary tealights … until you light them and they burn for a while and reveal the secret message. You have to let the tealights burn for quite some time until all the wax has melted.

Printables & Freebies

A scrapbooking blog showcasing the scrapping and crafty musings of Adrienne Boese, owner of Alice Scraps Wonderland. I just love getting co-op work from my photographer cousin , Kelly. Her and her husband's photos are amazing and I get to see beautiful blushing brides, sweet infants and darling 1-year-olds covered in cake and frosting. The best photos to work with are those with obvious themes. Recently, I created a custom disc case for an adorable baby girl in a cute little crocheted mermaid set.

As soon as Kelly told me about the upcoming newborn shoot and the plans for the mermaid outfit, I knew exactly how I wanted to decorate the custom disc case. Prima has a line of doll stamps and pieces designed by Julie Nutting that are absolutely wonderful and one of her stamps was a mermaid. It had been a while since it had come out and it was sold at any of my usual scrapbook store haunts so I took to searching online and I was in luck! I started by cutting out the base pieces for the custom disc case: I usually set the whole thing in-between pieces of parchment or wax paper and then in-between some heavy books to make sure it dries without warping or wrinkling.

A mixed media disc case made to match the photo of the infant wearing her adorable crochet mermaid outfit. Texture and dimension was added through the use of artist mediums, pop dots and even tulle. Photos of infant courtesy of Photography by Kelly. Once it's dry enough that the pieces no longer shift when gently nudged, I begin decorating the outside cover. In the meantime, I start with cutting out all of my die cuts--the seahorse, seaweed, lily flowers and coral. I also used my paper trimmer to cut the mats for the photos.

The back of the custom disc case. For the seaweed, I cut some from a pale green paper and some from Tim Holtz's kraft glassine. For the pale green seaweed, I covered them with clear crackle paint and set them aside to dry. The thicker the paint, the longer it takes to dry and the larger the cracks are, the thinner the paint, the less time it takes to dry and the smaller the cracks are.

I used a thin amount to achieve the small crackle effect. For the kraft glassine seaweed pieces, I crumpled them into balls. This is the beauty of Tim's kraft glassine--folding, bending or crumpling the paper causes cracks in the glassine layer. While the glassine resists inks and other mediums, the kraft paper underneath soaks it up. So once I achieved the amount of distress in the glassine layer I wanted, I took my ink blending tool and a green distress ink and inked up the pieces, then ran a paper towel over them to remove any excess ink from the glassine.

I also cut the seahorse from the pale green paper but covered him in Prima's Art Extravagance white sand paste, then set him aside to dry. I used the same medium on the coral, which was cut from a deep coral colored cardstock. While all those pieces were drying, I shaped each layer of the lily flower petals cut from white cardstock using my McGill tools and foam mat, then layered and adhered the pieces together, adding a tiny yellow pearl to the center of each then used the airbrush tool and distress makers to add a bit of color to them.

I know water lilies grow in ponds and aren't found at the bottom of the oceans, but it reminded me of the feathery tentacles of anemones and I couldn't not have flowers on a disc case for a baby girl! After the base of the custom disc case was dry enough, I used a Prima stencil and Prima's Art Basics modeling paste in opaque to add a few "scales" or "waves" to the outside base of the case. I set this aside to dry for a short period of time. Next I used my Julie Nutting mermaid doll stamps and Ranger's archival ink in jet black to stamp out the doll and pieces on several different pieces of patterned paper and cardstock--a skin toned paper to match the baby, a brown dot paper for the hair, a flower and seashell paper as well as the same coral cardstock I used before and kraft as a backing to make her durable.

I hand cut each stamped image out and layered on all the pieces except for the starfish and pearls then added some distress ink to the edges. I used a small amount of red tulle to cover the mermaid's tail to achieve a scale-like or crochet-like effect, adhering the edges to the back side of the mermaid with glue tape and glue dots. Then I added white pearls to the tail and bikini top and a red pearl to the starfish and, once the glossy accents with glitter was dry, I used a pop dot to add the starfish to the mermaid's hair.

I also hand cut the koi fish from one of the patterned mermaid papers. The inside of the disc case showcases softer colors and a photo of the sleeping infant. The date of birth on the banner was blurred out for privacy reasons. When all my other pieces were dry, I used green distress inks and my blending tool to add color to the crackle effect on the green seaweed. I also added green and brown distress inks to the edges of the seahorse then used my airbrush tool and distress markers to add shots of color to the center portions of the seahorse.

Then I added a coral colored distress spray to the pieces of coral as well as some melon colored gelato from Faber Castell. Red tulle adds texture and a scale-like effect to the mermaid's tail. I also used my Silhouette sketch pens to write out the name of the baby and date of birth then cut them out on two banners. Then inked the two baby banners as well as the two url banners with matching inks. Once the modeling paste stencil was dry on the base of the case, I began layering on all the photos and die cuts to the inside and outside of the case.

I also adhere the foam mounting circle for the disc to the inside of the case as well as my logo sticker and url banner and my cousin's logo sticker and url banner. I set this aside to dry. Once dry, I added the lily flowers and droplets. Products Used Bazzill: Cardstock - classic red, candy necklace, white Core'dinations: Chipboard - thin Basic Grey: Konnichiwa - koi pond My Mind's Eye: Cardstock - sea green, kraft; Microbeads - antique copper Silhouette America: Gelatos - metallic mellon McGill: Droplets - clear Doodlebug: Mini Pearls - lily white, bumblebee, beetle black, lady bug Golden: Gel Medium - heavy gloss adhesive Prima: Thanks so much for sticking with me through that long post!

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Now for your freebie! I created the water lily flower cut file myself. There were some cut files in the Silhouette store, but they didn't have the right number of petals. And for those of you who read my blog often will know I'm a stickler for the correct number of petals on my flowers I'm an avid gardner as well!

Click the image below to download your free cut file! I'd love to hear your thoughts! Powered by Blogger. Newer Post Older Post. Newer Posts. Older Posts. About me. Visit My Store! Purchase Your Custom Scrapbook Pages: Click the image above to get started! Follow Me. Featured Post If I had Wings: Labels scrapbooking cards freebie party mixed media tags tutorial other disc case organization.

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Permission to Play- a Free Mixed Media Workshop

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Printable Easter Freebies. She was so kind to create a set to share with all of us!

This collage sheet is to be printed and used as collage fodder for your mixed media projects, art journaling pages, artist trading cards, etc. For personal use only. Be sure to stop by and share your projects on our Facebook page, Mixed Media Freebies! This sweet collage sheet is to be printed and used as collage fodder, or framed with an added sentiment of your design. Simple book cover collage sheets to be printed and used as collage fodder. Your search is over.

Permission to Play- a Free Mixed Media Workshop

My Freebies. Valentine Freebies. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. One World One Heart.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: 10 on the 10th APRIL Art Journaling with the Mixed Media Inspiration Deck


Enjoy new freebies from Amanda Jessie Studios Library. Confused by all the types of paper available? Here is the lowdown on what paper you can use as a beginner mixed media artist or art journaler. If using watercolour or lots of water look for paper with gsm. This basically means that the paper is thicker than less than this gsm is grams per a square metre. Generally Ib is the heaviness of the paper, Ib is generally though as a decent a good heaviness and generally used by watercolour artists. Its all about personal preference, it depends on what you like, but essentially you can use both with watercolour. In a block the paper is glued down together at each of the sides. As opposed to loose paper which may need to be stretched out.

The Little Mermaid: A Mixed Media Photo Disc Case + Freebie

Performances are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and begin at 8: You can claim a space with chairs and blankets after 3pm. The whole thing goes down at the Gladstone Amphitheatre, 76th and N. This movie has remained surprisingly entertaining. Every time it pops up on TBS or something, I feel it absolutely necessary to sit and watch the whole thing. It's held up far better than other early Will Smith flicks I'm looking at you, Independence Day , and it's probably the last thing Linda Fiorentino did before she got a reputation as a severely difficult actress to work with.

60 Must Have Free Photoshop Brushes

This workshop is as Given, unfolding as we go. Each new mOOn we will delve into the mysteries of a Free Classes , Mixed Media. Mixed Media , Painting , Papercrafts , Textiles. Mixed Media , Textiles. Design Drawing Illustration. CreativeLive Review:

Mixed Media Pack – 29 Free Textures

Be Still My Heart Joanna, you are such a doll! I plan on using these images in making a chipboard card for CU Sisters this year. So I appreciate it very very much. Love your Hybrid Graphic. HUGS xx. You are all so very welcome and I hope you have a lot of fun creating wonderful treasures with these images. Feel free to share what you make, if you are so inclined. Namaste, my friends!

Does this sound familiar? You check them out — hey, wow!


This free workshop shares 3 of the ways I reclaimed my sense of play. Get signed up and let yourself play! What does play mean for me as an adult? Play is about the fun, the process, the moment. Hint…the more fun you have the more you like what you create. Since the process of growing up made me forget how to play, I had to rediscover how to do it as an adult. That keeps the grown up part of me happy while the rest of me gets to play. Who is this workshop for? Hint I think you are creative if you even wish you were and a workshop like this can help you reawaken your creativity -Is it for some one who is already creating but wants more freedom and playfulness? This Art Journal book has been a fun book to create. I am fairly new at all of this Art Journaling and Mixed Media. I am just loving it.

y’all freebie

I can make it from the couch to the kitchen without gripping furniture for support the shortness of breath has been off the hook which is nice, and I actually managed to eat solid food yesterday. Believe me, after ten days of doing nothing but moving from bed to couch to bed again, one can forget what one is made of, and that was definitely my experience. I came into the studio and put on a movie on the lap top Eat, Pray, Love , pulled out a journal a friend made me years ago, and made a solemn vow to myself that I would not judge the outcome. I reached for whatever delighted me in this case, fluorescent pink paint, turquois pthalo, black pen, pink and blue Tombow markers, gold paint, a stencil, a couple of Faber Castell Pitt Pens, and a white paint marker and I just made stuff for the sake of making stuff. It was like getting reacquainted with my inner artist, who had been hiding in a blanket fort under a pile of Vicks scented Kleenex. Painting while under the influence of NyQuil is really interesting. Still, the flinging of paint without caring about outcomes let me reach through that fog so that I could shake hands with myself once more after ten or so days of being relatively unknown to myself. It was a bit like an archeological dig. Oh, yes.

Printable Easter Freebies!

Merry Christmas! This time I am sharing a mixed media card in warm traditional colors. I got the chance to use some mediums I had almost forgotten I had, so that makes my little crafty heart happy! Dies Cuts: It just gives your projects such a unique look… It really takes a card to the next level. This time though I used it to stamp my flower. Of course this poinsettia is a digital stamp, which means I went ahead and printed it with a laser printer and used a laminator with some red decofoil transfer sheet to foil the flower. Once your image is foiled it works just as it would with heat embossing, so you can play with a fun foil resist technique. I colored the poinsettia with a Barn Door diy Distress Spray Ink, sponged it with ink and even rubbed some Titanium White Pan Pastel to add highlights -my new favorite mixed media technique-. To make the center of the flower I crushed some styrofoam and glued it with mixed media adhesive. For that lovely touch of snow I used Snowtex on the leaves and Twinklets on the center of the flower.

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