Maplestory reg face coupon list

Maplestory reg face coupon list

List of royal hair gms. List of royal hair gms September 25, , We recommend the following setup for Apache servers running in safe mode. But not giving it to them is a no sale. To sleep at Safari Park Hotel. Fashion Table of Contents.

Maplestory vip hair coupon hairstyles

Maplestory Royal Hair Coupon - Best Hairstyle Ideas Other than the two hair coupons and two cosmetic coupons received from the login event, is there another way to get them. FireworkGreen 8, views. Hidden Street is a fansite set up to provide cohesive and comprehensive information to MapleStory. Hair coupons can only be used once so yea you will have to buy another ticket.

The royal styles available dont appeal to me at all and theres no vip or reg. Special Androids Special androids are. Hold Your Record In. This was tagged: Zero - ms4mesos. Oi, I want the Alex hair. Sad Mask Would you be so kind as to disable your ad-blocker on BasilMarket please. Your favorite Royal Hair and Face Coupon are back with new styles. Both hair coupons cost Murgoth Souls while both face coupons. Zero Hair Coupons can get some game avatars to. Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money from advertising.

So I just came back to maple and I remember that two years ago there was always some way to get a free hair or face coupon. MapleStory Screens, Videos and Forum. Skip to content. Latest Posts: Coupon submit Kwik fit deals vouchers All around cleveland coupon book Coupons grasscity.

Beauty Parlor Guide

Feel free to take a look around, and if you have any comments, kindly leave a tag! Thank you, and have a nice day! Maplestory hairstyles specifically, SEA are included in this guide! Hello, and welcome! This guide is not designed to give you fashion advice, neither is it to encourage people to spend money, or otherwise. Hair styles, colour , Face styles , and Eyes colour.

Male VIP:

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Hairstyle Guide

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Maplestory royal face coupon random, bolder boulder coupon code

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Hairstyle Guide

This is the female section of REG hair styles. All the towns that offer a salon with REG are listed here! This guide was made with information posted by Waltzing. Is it true? They are the same length, the short version. Sorry for the inaccuracy e.

Maplestory reg hair coupon price

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Why do some EXP hairstyles have a much lower. The hair salon in towns differ in hair styles and hair colors,.

This database is currently out of date. A new updated database is available here: Beauty Parlors in MapleStory offer a variety of ways to customize your characters, among which is changing your hairstyle. You will need to purchase coupons via the in-game Cash Shop before you embark to various Beauty Parlors to give your character a new look. REG ular coupons are essentially the cheapest coupons you can purchase, with the drawback that it randomly selects a hairstyle out of the available options in that particular town. VIP coupons are much more expensive, but with the advantage of being able to select a hairstyle that you want. EXP erimental coupons randomize the hairstyles that you can get, but you may get a special hairstyle not usually available. Home Guides Forum Guild. Database Updates. Quick Motion. Corrected description. Have a dollar or two to spare? Why should I donate? Consider donating to help us with the high server costs of our database!

Main Section. Signature Creator. Cash Shop. View All. Experience Table. Hall of Fame. Knights of Cygnus.

All androids that have more than one default can be born with any hair and eye colour and these are completely randomised. The styles they select from depend on which type of android they are; some even only come in one default look. With the exception of Evangelion androids, android appearance is modifiable. Additionally, these event hair and face coupons can be used on androids:. Craftable Android Styles By default, regular androids will have Pale or Light skin and a random hair and face style from the selection below. Deluxe Androids select from their own pool of appearance options and, in addition to Pale or Light, can also be born with Pink skin, like special androids. Special Android Styles Mesoranger androids share the same style pool as Deluxe but wear Mesoranger outfits. Halloweenroid F has her own unique options, and only comes in white Mercedes skin. The colours shown are defaults; Halloweenroid style colours are not randomised. Many thanks to Krissy of Scania for her help with this! Princessroid, Summeroid, Fantastical Android, Schooldroid, and Maidroid each select from smaller pools that largely consist of Royal styles, and these androids can come with Pale, Light or Pink skin. Finally, android eye colour can be changed as of v. Currently, all colours are available apart from white.

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