Crochet coupon holder pattern

Crochet coupon holder pattern

My sweet niece is rocking the reindeer , making them the perfect pair this holiday season! Stitch abbreviation: Usually you simply do a sc row between every loop row, but with this thick yarn there are only a few rows, if every other one was an SC there would be less loops. SO I decided to create a loop row every row, meaning I did a right handed loop row, then a left handed loop row. IF you have a hard time with the left handed loop rows simply do an SC row instead. More Beard and Beanie patterns Double loop crochet Santa beanie pattern - infant to adult.

Moccasins – Crochet Shoes with Flip Flop Soles!

Are you ready for some flip-flop-moccasin super shoes!? The beads. The fringe. All of it. I was obsessed. For years. My feet have rarely been moccasin-free since. But in all my moccasin ownership, not a single pair has been crocheted. Hard to believe, I know! Because, why not?! I am so psyched on how they turned out. They give you some serious hipster street cred. This is a pretty thorough video tutorial. In it, I walk you through exactly how to make these crochet shoes.

And you can check out my other video tutorials here! You can find all my free crochet patterns using flip flops here. Pictured above: Cabin Boots 2. Moccasins 3. Coachella Boots 4. Lightweight Slippers. So you can spend more time making mocs and less time shopping, this post contains affiliate links at no extra cost to you. See pattern notes. This section is worked in a spiral.

Therefore there is no need to join or ch 1 at the beginning of each round. To begin: With smaller hook, attach MC yarn at the back of the heel by inserting your hook from the top of the flip flop toward the bottom of the sole, grabbing the yarn and pulling through to the top of the sole. See Photo B. The resulting tail inside the flip flop marks first st of this and subsequent rows.

Add a proper stitch marker here if desired. Round 1: Do not turn. Rounds Rounds 4: Exact location not impt. The following rows are worked back and forth around back of heel. Row 9: Without turning work sc in each st until left marked st, sl st into marked st, turn. Row Remove original markers for short rows. See diagram above for placement. The following round is worked in the round as were.

Round 13 is a total of approx 1. Round The following rows are worked back and forth. Rows 14, 16, Fasten off yarn and weave in ends. Fold the flap just created over and tuck one yard of the leather laces inside. With MC yarn and a tapestry needle, sew the laces into the tube using a whip stitch. Reference video for more detail. Rows 3, 5, 7: Sizing Note: If your foot is on the wider side, add 2 or 4 rows of sc here to make the top toe section wider. Simply repeat row 10 twice or four times.

Rows 14, 16, 18, Rows 15, 17, Place marker in last st of this row. The follow round is worked around the entire top piece. Without turning work in sc around curved toe section and up the flat side of the piece. See Diagram F. Fasten off and weave in ends. Sewing Together: Block the top piece if desired. Identify the best looking side of your top piece—specifically look at the points because one edge should be smoothest due to the slip stitching.

This side should face your foot—the points will be folded over, revealing the smoothest edge. Align the toe with the shoe rim and pin using stitch markers or safety pins. Using one strand of yarn not doubled up , attach yarn inside the shoe at right corner side of the top piece. Whip stitch around toe, working from the top piece into the shoe rim as pictured.

See Photo G. Work from the top down, going through the bottom loop of the top piece and the bottom loop of the shoe rim. Fasten off yarn. Adding Beads: Using a sewing needle, attach monofilament inside moccasin with a knot. Pull monofilament to outside top of slipper and add beads you may, unfortunately, have to remove the needle for this and then rethread after adding the beads , putting the needle back into the shoe once one strand of beads has been added.

Repeat for each spoke of the design. See Photo H. Do a little jig—you just crocheted your own shoes! High five! Got a kid who also has feet? They might enjoy this crocheted boat shoe slipper pattern using flip flops, of course! I'd love to send you more free crochet patterns that'll knock your little handmade socks off! You in? Ooo this pattern is fab and the video is really great. My cat sat and watched it intently with me!

I am going to share it on my facebook page so my followers can watch too! I love this idea. My question is …. They hold up surprisingly well! I think the tension is spread between enough holes that no one hole gets all the pressure. Does that make sense? Thank your guide, I will try to do a small size for my child can use in the home. I think these would make great house shoes! My daughter loves wearing her crochet flip flop slippers around our house. What did you use to cover over the holes from the flip-flop straps?

Looks really finished that way. I just saved the pieces from the rubber straps and then trimmed off the straps so just the rubber circles were left. Then I glued them into the holes. Good Idea!! I made 1 flip-flop shoe, but I was unable to get them in my size so it was just for practice.

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Easy Felt Crafts: Coupon Organizer. Do you cut coupons to stretch your money or to try new items? Here's an easy felt crafts project showing how to make a coupon organizer to hold those coupons. Let's take a look at the coupon organizer, empty and full.

First of all I'm going to give you the basic pattern in writing, and then for those of you who like to see some pix, there's the photo tutorial below.

There needs to be a Hobby Lobby scented candle. You know, the moment the glass doors open and your nostrils are filled with the aroma of inspiration and DIY success? Yeah, that smell. This needs to be a thing. I love me some Hobby Lobby mostly for their killer yarn selection but also because there are so many ways to save at Hobby Lobby. Did you know that they price match and that you can get a price adjustment up to 2 weeks after your purchase?

Converting Patterns Between Knit and Crochet

Troubleshooting Sewing Machine Problems. White Sewing Machines. Subscribe to. A ll C rafts U pdates. We respect your email privacy. Check the price on Amazon. Advertise at A ll C rafts.

Expanding Coupon Organizer Wallet – Sew and Sell

A perfect addition to your fall wardrobe this attractive, long vest can be worn for work or play. Here's a surprise: Let us know how you like them! The instructions are for size Changes for sizes and are in parentheses. By the way: Click on the image to the right to see a larger version! Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these instructions.

Easy Felt Crafts: Coupon Organizer

By Jane Lake. I made this crocheted wallet to hold my store coupons and Canadian Tire money a store loyalty coupon that looks like currency. Just add more stitches to the foundation chain to increase the length, and add more rows to increase the height. Pattern Directions: To decrease for the flap, insert hook in sc and pull through a loop, leaving 2 loops on hook. Insert hook through next sc and pull through a loop, yarn over hook, and draw through all 3 loops on hook. Row

Crochet a Wallet

Are you ready for some flip-flop-moccasin super shoes!? The beads. The fringe. All of it. I was obsessed. For years. My feet have rarely been moccasin-free since. But in all my moccasin ownership, not a single pair has been crocheted.

Plastic Canvas Patterns Vol 6 |

Learn more about these and other subscriptions we have available. Do you love to get crafty? You're in the right spot! At e-PatternsCentral. From home decor to clothing to handmade gifts, we have tons of craft patterns that can be downloaded within minutes. There's no need to wait for a pattern to be delivered or pay shipping costs -- you can easily download our craft e-patterns instantly. Looking to try out a new type of craft project? Check out our stitch guide. We've got knitting lessons, crochet lessons, beading lessons and quilting lessons to help you make beautiful craft projects.

Learn more about these and other subscriptions we have available.

If you're new here, you may want to sign up for my newsletter which includes new pattern releases and fabric sales. Enter your email for a free copy of my Oslo Craft Bag sewing pattern, an exclusive pattern just for my followers. In providing your email address, this will enroll you for my monthly newsletter, which will keep you up-to-date on my new patterns, free tutorials, videos, and other news. New pattern available now! This is the Creative Maker Supply Case , available as both pdf and paper patterns right now in my pattern shop. I am so happy with how this one turned out. This pattern is fat quarter friendly and has instructions for 3 different sizes of zippered supply cases. The large size case is the perfect fit for a notebook, the medium size is great for sewing supplies, crochet hooks, or colored pencils, and the small size case is fantastic for hand sewing supplies. Anything you can imagine to carry around, this case is perfect for that! All cases feature mesh and topstitched pockets on the inside for ample storage space, as well as elastic for holding pens and pencils. Great for kids, crafters, teacher gifts, and more! A lot of people asked me where I purchased my mesh and long handbag zippers that have the two zipper pulls. You will probably be able to find them at your local fabric store mine has the mesh in white and a couple colors of the long zippers , but I wanted a few color choices so I bought both my mesh and zippers from By Annie. I used great coordinating colors of Aurifil 40wt thread to make my cases too. Nylon coil zippers work best which are very readily available — the most commonly found type of zipper, I think.

I am really going to do a better job this year of keeping my blog and personal receipts separate. I think this handy little receipt wallet will do the the trick! Really it could have many uses — coupons, lists, checkbook cover, etc! Teflon presser foot or masking tape to cover bottom of presser foot to keep oilcloth from sticking to presser foot if necessary. It can hang off the edge, it will be trimmed when finished. Place the two large pieces wrong sides together. Try to keep adhesive away from area that will be sewn. Place pocket pieces on each edge. Use miniature clothes pins to keep in place. Sew close to the edge all the way around the wallet, reinforcing when sewing over bias tape.


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