Creative busy hands freebies

Creative busy hands freebies

Learn to make a maze yourself. Simple step-by-step tutorial with pictures and examples. Check out the tutorial now! The moment you look at them you can see the kids making them, even if it was years back. We first made them 5 years ago, …. In fact, it will actually be useful:

Love Handprint Art Project + Freebie

Hello, my name is Brittany. This is my blog, where I aim to inspire you to live your best life, be your best self, experience something different and really think. Enjoy your reading! Each day is so full already that it may seem impossible to have time for your creativity but I disagree. Everything is about work, money and academia, especially in schools today so I feel that there needs to be more appreciation for your own creativity as well as the creativity of others.

We need to be able to feel that we can express ourselves, that we have brilliant, individual ideas and that someone is there to listen. Creativity is ingrained in you as well as a taught skill, it is like it is part of your DNA. Even if you only have time for your creativity once a month, this is still something to be celebrated and appreciated. Understand your individuality and passion for expression in order to feel grateful for it and find the joy in it. When you enjoy something and it makes you happy it is not a chore but an escape from the hustle and bustle of life.

I understand that life must go on and bills must be paid so why not use your gift just as a hobby? Use your spare time to grow your creativity as well as have some time out. Take the time for yourself to explore just for an hour. This small pause button on life when you get carried away is going to be a healthy break for your brain. Think of all the other parts of your brain that are activated when you are creative and thinking of new ideas.

This activation could also bring around change in yourself and life around you and give you other ideas in all areas of your life. This can also help you and your mentality. Life is busy and crazy and hectic and having time to yourself to explore your feelings in a different way is an excellent idea. If your angry and want to throw something, why not throw some paint? If you are happy and excited why not make something crazy for yourself that reminds of that feeling.

Remind yourself that you are allowed to have feelings and express them in any way that you want. I am constantly picking holes in everything that I do, I feel I am never good enough. But when it comes to art, in any and every form, there are no rules! Make sure to understand that what you create is special and unique and even if there is a mistake it makes it more so. Understand how amazing you are and the beauty you see before you. Your family will support you and enjoy what you have created as much as you do, if not more.

We are always afraid of what others will think but we will never know what they think if you do not show them. Be proud of your creativity no matter what you or others think. As I said previously, we are all unique and appreciate and celebrate yourself and share that feeling with those around you. Love is a beautiful feeling and knowing that the people you love are celebrating with you will be uplifting and exciting.

There we go. My tips in keeping creative and nurturing your own individuality and creativity. Do not underestimate yourself and your amazing abilities, do not ignore your need for expression and fun and you will find happiness in creation. Get your hands on a freebie by subscribing here! Why is a Morning Routine Important? What is it like at Art University? Question Yourself. The Sum and Search for Happiness. How to be Conscious in Everyday Life. Blog Expression. February 24, by Brittany No Comments.

Here are some Top Tips 1. Appreciate your gift Creativity is ingrained in you as well as a taught skill, it is like it is part of your DNA. Pick it up in your free time I understand that life must go on and bills must be paid so why not use your gift just as a hobby? Take it all in There we go. Share this: About The Boldly Blog. Load More Follow on Instagram.

We are living the life of true digital nomads, balancing travel discoveries with serious work hours in remote places. Coffeeshops tend to be our offices around here, and those work hours do include plenty creative experiments, for clients and ourselves. But you know me, I like challenges! So you can probably imagine my reaction when arriving here and noticing that we are surrounded by an incredible abundance of lush tropical plants. After capturing photos like a maniac and playing with ideas, I decided to turn this inspiration into a little illustration experiment. Not so little, though.

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Holy holly wreath, time certainly flies when you're having fun. Or when you're insanely busy. It was nice to spend most of November getting ready for christmas, I made all of our christmas decorations in time for me to leave for England at the beginning of December. We had to put the tree up a fair few weeks early so I could enjoy it before I left, but it was definitely worth it. I really fell in love with decorating this year, and most of ours are hand made so it was nice to spend time making things just for us. One of my favourites this year are my reindeer constellations.

New kit for the BOYS & Word Art Pack & Freebie/s

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We offer free, downloadable, digital scrapbooking supplies every week so you have a chance to try our products and get some new designs to create your first digital scrapbooking layout with. Scrapbooking - blogspot. Here you can showcase your digital scrapbook products, sales, freebies or pages. Not only Wendy and I have teamed up to make a gorgeous kit, but also to offer you coordinated freebies. New Autumn Fairy-tale kit, coupons,. One more specialty of WaterLO Project are papers that we create only by. As some of you may have heard, as a result of demands from the legal department of another company, Pickleberrypop will no longer be selling. Your source for digital scrapbooking ideas, supplies, tips, kits, brushes and tutorials. Lindsay Jane Designs:

Faith Sisters Blog Train Freebies & National Scrapbooking Day Information!

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LOL My back is literally held together with plates, rods and screws. It gets me down sometimes. I did get a little kit done for a color challenge at DigiRidoo Scraps. I like to check out new sites and theirs is not that old. The folks there are so nice! Breeza, who hosted this one, started us out with some great overlays and backgrounds of her own. She showed us how to blend and adjust to get different designs. She had us doing things I had never done before to paper. LOL So, this has been a learning experience, as well as, a fun challenge.

Color By Shape Freebie: Farm

Learn from the world's most inspiring experts. Stream over 1, classes, projects, and original series — all on your schedule. Fondant is the foundation of so many beautiful cakes designs. In this free class, cake pro Elisa Strauss covers coloring and flavoring fondant, using it to cover cakes, and transforming it into sweet decorations. Oh goodie! Longing to learn quiltmaking? With these free online videos from instructor extraordinaire Gail Kessler, anyone can learn essential quilting skills for prepping fabric, laying out designs, sewing, pressing, adding sashing and borders, basting and machine quilting! Your sewing machine is about to come out of its box — because this free online video class rocks!

Here's a free quickpage I made with my new kit "My Little Devil. Happy scrappin'.

Friday Freebie – 12×12 Pinked Paper

Keeping little ones busy can be a full time job, but these easy ideas can be a great distraction for moms while you get stuff done like cleaning, laundry or the 1 million other things you have to do each day. Gina Luker is a writer, photographer and lover of all things quirky. She's usually found with a drill in one hand and a cocktail in the other while blogging along the way. She's addicted to coffee, polka dots, rock stars, Instagram , and everything aqua. At the same time I have experienced the same yet slightly different situation here at my home. My step-daughter and her daughter have come to live with us. As you raised only girls, I raised only boys, four boys in fact. My step-daughter was raised by her mother and seldom visited. It has been such a blessing having our granddaughter here and her mother whom I have enjoyed finally getting to know better. As you say it is sometimes a challenge trying to keep her occupied. Its funny how strange it is to have a child in the house again after all of your children have grown. I love having them here and I cherish every moment we have. Jenny http: Great job in taking on your grandson.

Pickleberrypop freebies

Anita asked me for some Precious Moments Papers - here they are Anita, but I must apologise for the quality of the graphics, they are the best that I could obtain from the web. I have made the papers 12" x 12" at dpi, there is only one download but I have shown 2 preview pages so that you can see the 12 papers that I have made. As a surprise gift I have also included in the download 40 graphics that you can use yourself. If anyone finds that the file is too large to download, please let me know and I will split it into two files. I have broken this download into 4 files, I hope that makes it easier for you to download, any further problems please let me know! Download 1 Download 2 Download 3 Download 4.

I was very inspired by the artwork I posted on my February Favorites. I love doing art in the classroom and having students work together to achieve the same end goal. These handprint art projects came out better than expected! Hey there, I'm Alexis! I'm a 30 something, extremely silly, Cuban and Puerto Rican, who has a love of all things creative. Join the Laugh Eat Learn exclusive newsletter with the best content sent directly to your inbox! Basically, you'll get all the free and fun stuff first! To truly get their wheels turning on the many ways to show kindness, I had them create these art projects I did last February. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. How can I help you? I let my kids choose their medium, setting out markers, crayons, colored pencils and pastels. Most gravitated towards markers because I never let them use them!

VIDEO ON THEME: Inktense Pencils Hand Lettering Cheat – Heaven Is Calling Lesson 6
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